Tuesday, June 7, 2011

GooGoo for Gaga

Never thought I'd say this. I want to look like Lady Gaga. Specifically, like this...

Who knew under those insanely let-me-see-just-how-bizarre-and-shocking-I-can-be costumes she wears, the girl has a figure?! I'm officially eating lettuce for the rest of the week.
Now, there comes the question of my favorite Gaga song. I have three. Bad Romance is probably first, followed by Judas, and then Alejandro/Paparazzi (can't decide on that last one) I like Poker Face, but honestly, the version Glee did made it a lot better. It worked well slow. In any case, Judas is the most recent of my list. There was a lot of fuss about what she meant by it, personally I think she is merely making a reference to the fact that we find ourselves drawn to the bad boy (or even bad decisions I suppose) even when we know what is right/know the type of guy we are meant to be with. It's true. Any girl that denies she is intrigued by the exact type of guy her mother warned her about, is lying through her teeth. I'm definitely that way and wish I weren't. Stupid me always falls for the brooding, mysterious ones. Oh the things I would write to my 16, 18, 20, even 22 year old self. Spoiler alert: Not that mysterious. Generally only brooding about themselves because they are selfish and insecure, not because they're really as interesting as you're imagining them to be.
Anyway, who knows what she really intended. She has said some variation of what I fumbled to say just now, but maybe she did originally mean for something else and after all the press changed her mind. Either way, this song is so freakin' catchy, if I hear it, it's in my head for days. I love the video too, the colors are gorgeous and the concept was really fascinating with the motorcycle gang idea. I especially loved these two outfits....

I am determined to find a way to rock the bandanna and leather jacket at some point this summer. I think she actually looked kinda pretty for once in this one! She's not an unattractive girl, but she definitely goes out of her way sometimes to look realllllly strange.

Favorite Gaga songs out there in blogger land? Who wants to make a road trip to see her in concert with me? Fair warning: I will insist we dress up. Stage/Avant Garde makeup, fake nails, and partial nudity will be mandatory.

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  1. I'll go with you!!! Dressed as an Egg or Ms. Moogoo?? hahah
    Heavy Metal Lover is my current fave!!!!!

    Along with bloody mary and of course You & I